An Introduction to Online Blogs

Blog buttonThe introduction of the internet across the globe has ushered in some dramatic changes in the way we communicate and interact with one another. One of the most popular forms of interaction that we can utilise to help disseminate information to countless readers is through what it known as a blog.

Interestingly enough, the term “blog” is actually a colloquial contraction that was originally spoken as “web log”. While only a handful of years ago blogs were known by a relatively small number of people, the 21st century has witnessed a massive increase in the ways that such instruments are used. So, let us look at some of the means by which blogs have revolutionised how we communicate.

The Power of The Spoken Word

Most web hosting services allow a blog post to be created at no charge. Thus, nearly anyone can present their viewpoints to a wide audience. One of the most important things to realise about this benefit is the fact that the power of the blog has grown well beyond the individual citizen. In fact, blog posts were seen as one of the catalysts behind the recent Arab Spring uprisings. Political activists will use these tools to spread their beliefs, politicians will use blogs to reach voters and companies will post regular updates to inform the public of their latest advancements.

Marketing a Product

As hinted at in the previous paragraph, blogs are an excellent way to reach a selectively targeted demographic. This fact has not been overlooked by sales and marketing professionals. Blogs are now regularly used to keep clients and prospective customers informed on any pertinent sales campaigns or new products. This action helps engage clients personally and directly; a powerful tool in an era defined by increased competition in the virtual marketplace.

Synchronising a Blog With Other Platforms

Blogs are also very modular in their nature; that is, they can be linked to other relevant websites with ease. Actually, it is quite common for a social media site to have hyperlinks that will direct visitors to a regularly updated blog post. Standalone websites will frequently offer a separate section specifically devoted to recent posts. Such cross-platform linking will help increase the overall exposure of the blog.

Human Interaction

Most blogs offer a section where visitors can reply to any post. This is an important aspect in the arena of interpersonal and client engagement. While an individual will be able to appreciate how others may feel about a recent article, this amenity is even more important for businesses. A company will be able to acquire customer feedback in a real-time scenario. This will allow for a more flexible and amenable sales campaign; providing the company with the ability to adjust any tactics on-the-fly in response to notably positive or negative feedback. This can help a company gain a competitive edge over its rivals.

These are only a few reasons that help explain why blogs are enjoying such an unprecedented level of popularity. As global access to the internet increases on a daily basis, these handy textual tools will continue to reach even more interested readers.